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For the third call for projects, the grant ceilings were:

  • 20 million FCFA for the Territorial Communities;
  • 10 million FCFA for the other promoters.

This is the ceiling (maximum) of the grant awarded by the FIE for a promoter project. This ceiling does not take into account the contribution of the promoter. Thus a project of a grouping can amount to 15 million FCFA, of which 10 million FCFA maximum of subsidy and 5 million FCFA of own contribution.

A minimum contribution is requested from each promoter. It is calculated in% on the total amount of the project. This is a minimum contribution, the sponsor can provide more than the minimum contribution. A contribution lower than the required minimum results in the rejection of the file.

Depending on the case, the sponsor's contribution may be in cash, in consideration or in kind.

A cash contribution means the actual mobilization of money in a bank account dedicated to the FIE project.

A contribution in return means that the promoter mobilizes men / day of his staff or part of his fuel endowment, or concedes the temporary use of his own usual means of work (rolling stock, computers, sound equipment, meeting room). meetings, etc.) for the purposes of the FIE project.

A contribution in kind means that the promoter will provide materials or labor.