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The FIE is also an economic tool with positive effects on Burkina Faso's growth, by reducing current trends of environmental degradation and therefore related economic losses. It is also a generator of direct economic development by supporting the development of a green economy, promising sectors or the creation of green jobs. The FIE is also called to be a tool in the service of the national objectives of fight against poverty, thanks to a mode of intervention taking into account the poorest populations and the vulnerable categories, often those most exposed to the degradation of the Environment and Natural Resources. The FIE is also intended as a unifying tool, bringing together existing or planned funds in the Environment sector, in order to rationalize management, reduce costs and eventually have a coordinated vision of sector financing. Thus, through the FIE, the State also sets up the Forest Fund provided for in the Forest Code and the Climate Fund in accordance with the international conventions that have been ratified in the climate field.